VALORANT Episode 3 Agent Tier List: Best Agent to Play in 2021

The highly anticipated Episode 3 update is now live in VALORANT. From massive meta-shifting changes to the addition of a new agent, Episode 3 is already looking like a massive departure from past episodes.

In VALORANT, instead of traditional seasons, Riot Games opted to use Episodes and Acts structure for this tactical shooter. Each Episode usually contains 3 Acts. While Acts feature minor weapon and agent-related changes, a new Episode indicates a major shift to the entire meta.

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As Riot made big changes to the agent ability prices, the whole agent meta shifted to a completely new direction. Additionally, Riot also tweaked the abilities of agents like Breach and Astra.

How we rank VALORANT agents

If you are wondering which character is still the best one to just pick up and play then this tier list is tailor-made for you. All the agents will be divided into 3 distinct tiers. Firstly, there are S-tier agents. They are a must-pick in most maps and can make a massive impact in games.

Subsequently, there are A-tier agents who are really useful but are not must-pick agents. And lastly, there are B-tier agents who are only viable in certain maps or scenarios. Also, in Episode 3, Riot made changes that favor pure gun-play which shifted the game from abilities to pure mechanics.

Agent tier list summary:

S-tierKay/o, Astra, Jett
A-tierOmen, Pheonix, Breach, Sova, Viper, Sage, Killjoy
B-tierReyna, Cypher, Raze, Brimstone, Yoru
VALORANT Episode 3 agent tier list
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As S-tier agents we have picked Kay/o, Astra, and Jett. These agents are must-pick in most maps. Following the ability price changes, these agents are still a really good pick for most players. However, these agents do have a steep learning curve.

  • Kay/o: Can cancel abilities of other agents.
  • Astra: Really good controller.
  • Jett: Can force fights and dash away to safety.


In A tier, we have chosen Omen, Pheonix, Breach, Sova, Viper, Sage, and Killjoy. These agents are really good but not a must-pick for most maps. In Episode 3, both Breach and Astra received significant ability rework which made them more prevalent in most scenarios.

  • Omen: Really good for lurking.
  • Pheonix: Has good snowballing potential
  • Breach: Received positive ability rework in Episode 3.
  • Sova: Can provide valuable information to teammates.
  • Viper: Really effective controller following recent buffs.
  • Sage: Can provide good support to teammates.
  • Killjoy: Can hold an entire site by herself.


Lastly, in the B-tier we have Reyna, Cypher, Raze, Brimstone, and Yoru. These agents are really situational and on the right hand can be really useful, but they are not must-pick agents.

  • Reyna: Great duelist for good aimers.
  • Cypher: Following recent nerfs lost his top tier position.
  • Raze: Good duelist with a steep learning curve.
  • Brimstone: Only decent, not a must pick following recent changes.
  • Yoru: Still not as great as other duelists.

Which agents are best right now?

In Episode 3, Riot is really encouraging players to make gunplay their number one priority. As TTK(time to kill) is really low in VALORANT, players are encouraged to experiment with different agent combinations. But for starters, A or B-tier agents are ideal.

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As with every other tier list, this one is extremely subjective and will change based on new updates.

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