VALORANT Episode 2 Act 3 weekly challenges have been reportedly leaked

Riot offers weekly challenges to assist the players in a certain way. It appears that data miners in the VALORANT community have reportedly found the weekly challenges chart for this entire ACT. 

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Players usually take advantage of these weekly and daily challenges to gain more XPs in a short amount of time. The casual side of the VALORANT community often ends up with an unfinished battlepass at the end of every ACT. Weekly challenges are extremely useful for the players who are unable to insert much time and effort into the game. 

According to ValorantLeaks, VALORANT Episode 2 ACT 3 will feature multiple layers of challenges for the players. Upon completing these, players will be awarded a substantial amount of XPs. Just like the previous ACTs, the weekly challenges will include tasks like using abilities, ultimates & scoring headshots. 

Along with these, just playing a certain amount of rounds will also add more XPs to your account. The newly released Battlepass in this ACT consists of 50 Tiers, making it difficult to achieve within a specific amount of time. On the contrary, if the leaks are true, then players won’t have to worry about any time limit. 

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Battlepass progression is crucial since all the valuable rewards usually reside within Tier 45 to 50. However, it’s possible to efficiently complete all 50 Tiers by playing regularly. Developers tend to allow the less-frequent players to wind up their battlepass before a new ACT arrives.

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