VALORANT download link from Riot’s official CDN available now

You can already download it

Riot still hasn’t released any date for when the beta for Valorant might go live but there is already an official CDN that is available right now.

You can already download it here. Sadly you can’t play it as of now as Riot still hasn’t made the beta open to public yet. Since the official CDN is available right now, it is safe to assume that we will get a real taste of VALORANT pretty soon. Riot is just teasing us at this point.

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The private beta that included only industry insider and top streamers from different FPS backgrounds already held on 29/03/2020. Even though the NDA of these closed beta gameplay will lift on April 3rd, streamers already hinted that they really liked it.

Most of the reaction on Twitter only reinforces the idea that 2 hours of the closed beta was so good that streamers just can’t help but talk about it all the time. NRG aceu one of the best Apex Legends player shared his reaction on Twitter.

All the reaction from major streamers has been really positive so far. These FPS players are coming from different shooters like CS, R6, Overwatch, Apex, etc. All this is good so far. The only thing is right now Riot still hasn’t lifted the embargo for the streams reaction yet.

Now we will have to wait until April 3rd to see what the hype is all about. Will this game live up to the amount of hype it is generating right now? We will find out really soon.

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