VALORANT developer responds to nitr0’s concern regarding the run-and-gun accuracy

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Professional VALORANT player Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella wants to see a decrease in the game’s existing run-and-gun accuracy. 

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VALORANT offers surprisingly high weapon accuracy as a competitive FPS title. Players are practically able to move and shoot with great precision in the game. Previously in November, TenZ demonstrated the ridiculously high running accuracy of Phantom. Soon after, the Vandal also appeared to pack a similar accuracy range of its counterpart. However, the issue is still standing today with no end in sight. 

In a recent Tweet, 100T nitr0 wished to see a reduction in the run-and-gun accuracy of VALORANT. His team recently achieved the title of North America’s best after winning First Strike NA event.  Although run-and-gun is not so common in Tier-1 tournaments, it’s commonly practised among high ranked players in competitive matches.  

The Co-Lead Game Designer of VALORANT, Max Grossman responded to nitr0’s Tweet with the following statement “In the spirit of Christmas, I’ll let you know, we are working on it. Unfortunately it won’t be next patch but it’s top of mind for the design team. Hoping to get y’all some changes in the new year.”

So, we can assume that Riot is finally considering to eliminate the run-and-gun issue. Recently, many analysts & professionals shared their concerns about the comparatively easy shooting mechanics of the game. Even though VALORANT is supposed to feature a competitive environment, the shooting mechanics seemed way too friendly for casual players.

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In mid-January, VALORANT players will get to experience the arrival of a new Episode. Riot has extensive plans for the upcoming episodes, including the possible implementation of a story mode. Nonetheless, fixing the run-and-gun accuracy will significantly improve VALORANT’s competitive nature.

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