VALORANT dev says “We will have a very harsh reset and will affect MMR” for the upcoming Act 3

With Act 2 Episode 3 soon coming to a close, Riot developers have stated that there will be harsh changes coming to competitive.

Valorant has recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary and in the span of time, competitive has gone through multiple changes, getting altered and refined each time. But due to the dynamic nature of the game, there are problems arising that are ruining the competitive experience of the players.

From players not being able to rank up despite having the required performance and some people getting boosted to higher ranks even while not performing up to par is a highly debated matter in the subject. Add to that unbalanced matchmaking and smurfs, Valorant competitive can be a real mess.

Recently on a social media post, Riot developer EvrMoar made a tweet that stated that there would be changes coming to ranked. The changes had been made and everything is almost finalized for the upcoming act. They also said that they will be releasing more information regarding the changes in an upcoming Livestream on June 21, 10 am PDT.

He also said that there will be no hard rank reset because it will not achieve the results they are aiming for. But there will be harsh changes that will squish ranks. Furthermore, EvrMoar stated that the MMR will also be affected.

The upcoming changes should fix a lot of issues people are facing with their rank and competitive. Guess we have to wait till the next episode to see what it’s all about.

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