VALORANT dev responds to major frame drop issues while shooting, bulletholes and Sage abilities

Players saw huge frame drop issues in VALORANT

Just after VALORANT patch 0.47+ and 0.49+ dropped, players started to see a huge drop in FPS, especially in Split.

Things got pretty out of hand when more than one Sage characters use her abilities at the same time. This along with the performance impact from shooting through obstacles has made the game almost unplayable for some players. Even with high-end config systems, players are suffering from major frame drop issues.

Riot devs quickly burst into the scene to explain that this was actually something that they were investigating for some time. Although FPS drops during shooting, ability usage, multiple characters interactions, etc are actually completely normal. Having said that there are some issues with map Split that they are currently working on.

Frame time is better to measure performance

Riot dev who is currently charged with optimizing performance for VALORANT explained how the frame time is actually better for indicating performance.”We like to use frame time because it provides more consistent relative swings in performance.” VALORANT dev on frame time.

VALORANT subreddit
Credit: VALORANT subreddit

Riot will shortly put out a new patch that is supposed to iron out any performance-related issues in VALORANT. This patch is also likely to include fixes for Split which is currently in a bad shape. Hopefully, devs can patch this issue as soon as possible.

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