VALORANT dev responds to all the ‘boosted’ player rankings

How the Valorant ranking system works has always been a mystery. Some people got an instant rank change after a single loss or defeat, whereas others have been on a winning streak but still struggle to rank up.

There have been some tweaks made to the ranking system in the last couple of months. And that resulted in a lot of players with highly inflated ranks. Also, it’s not an uncommon case where the matchmaking system puts together people with a wider rank variety together in the same lobby. A Riot dev has shed some light on these cases on Reddit.

Riot dev reacts to the boosted rank system

Riot’s Senior Competitive Designer for Valorant EvrMoar said the following as an example:
“Think of it this way. I’m using madeup numbers for this. So lets say you have a match making rating(MMR) of 450. Before the change we said “You are Iron 2 if you are between 400-500 MMR.” Turns out, iron 2 had too many players in it, we overestimated how many players would end up at that 400-500 MMR.

So to fix it we now say “You are in Iron 2 if you are between 400-420 MMR, and Iron 3 421-480 MMR, etc.” The player that is 450 MMR would go from Iron 2 to Iron 3, without actually changing their skill/MMR. Because MMR is a reflection of the player’s skill, that number didn’t change.

TLDR; Your forward-facing rank doesn’t determine the players you match with, your hidden MMR does.” The full thread can be found here.

Valorant is still pretty new and constant changes are being made to its matchmaking system and agents. It’s going to take a while for them to get things just right as it is the same with every competitive game. Despite all the little mishaps, VALORANT is still growing its player base at a steady pace.

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