VALORANT dev on Raze, “If you don’t respect the ability and you don’t respond to it, it’s ok for us that you die in that situation”

Raze is mostly balanced?

Ever since Raze was introduced to the closed beta for VALORANT there has been a growing concern over the fact that her abilities seem too overpowered.

On that note, Trevor Romleski, VALORANT’s lead game designer, talked about how he is less worried about the balance side of things cause they can just change some numbers to make her not be a must pick for every team composition. But on the existential note, is she the right fit for this game?

On that note, he explained that Raze’s abilities aren’t as overpowered as they seem at first. Most of her abilities are focused on area denial. As players get more accustomed to what she can and can’t do players will be able to counter most of her abilities before they can inflict any kind of serious damage.

Riot will be working more on how to give players more visual and audio clues about the incoming danger so that they can counter her more effectively. Her toolsets give players more options to play around. And the main reason players are complaining about her being too overpowered is because most of them aren’t used to her abilities yet.

Trevor Romleski on abilities

If you don’t respect the ability and you don’t respond to it it’s ok for us that you die in that situation

Trevor Romleski said that Riot is still taking feedback from players and are actively working towards how to make players more aware of Raze’s abilities and counter them more efficiently. Many popular streamers voiced their concern over how Raze isn’t a good fit for VALORANT, a game that was marketed on its weapon first approach.

Shroud one of the most popular streamers out there thinks that Raze is mostly balanced and requires some adjustments to be viable. On the other hand, Summit1g thinks that Raze has no place in VALORANT. Raze is certainly the most polarising agent in VALORANT. Riot Games is actively working towards making her more viable to play against.

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