VALORANT dev confirms more changes incoming for Split favoring attackers

In the recent dev stream, VALORANT’s dev team revealed details regarding their future plan with the game and what they have in store for players in the highly anticipated launch of Episode 2.

Alongside major changes to how the ranking system works in the game, Riot is also planning on making more changes to the map like Split.

When asked which map was the most difficult to develop so far, the devs explained that Split probably had the longest development time among all the other maps in the map pool including Icebox.

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Since release Riot went back and forth on some elements of the map. Thus, Split got many updates over time. Turns out, there is actually more in store for Split in the upcoming month or two. During the dev stream, Sal Garozzo, Game Designer for VALORANT revealed that they intend to make more balancing updates to Split fairly soon.

Split to get another rework

Clip via Riot Games

The changes that are planned for Split will apparently make the map more favorable to attackers. To make it a bit easier for attackers, Riot will make changes to the 50-50 angles and deep corners. Right now, Split is a nightmare for attackers, and these changes should make the game more competitively balanced.

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According to Sal, these changes should hit the live servers within a month or two. Riot is currently working on more maps to make it viable for an actual competition. The main goal is to release at least 7 maps so that tournaments can host a decent final with the best of 5 formats.

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