VALORANT dev Claims Extra Surrender Vote is not a Top Priority

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Riot Games

During a recent Ask VALORANT, session a dev has claimed that extra surrender votes are not at the top of the to-do list.

On December 24th VALORANT devs held a Q&A session called ‘Ask VALORANT’ where they answered some of the questions from the community. Some of the questions were related to the current ranking system, Crosshair hide feature, and story mode for VALORANT. One of the questions was regarding the addition of an extra surrender vote in-case of a disconnect. A VALORANT dev has answered this question and said the following.

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VALORANT Extra Surrender not Top Priority:

Currently in VALORANT players can surrender once in each half during the 5th round. If a team is on the losing side and does not wish to continue the match, one person from the team can initiate a surrender vote. 4/5 teammates need to confirm the vote for the surrender vote to be successful.

But in case a surrender fails and a teammate disconnects then there is no feature to initiate an extra surrender vote until the 5th round of the second half. During the recent ‘Ask VAALORANT’ session, a community member asked a dev a question relating to extra surrender votes in case of a disconnect.

The exact question was, “I know we only get one surrender vote per half, but in the case of a disconnect after the first vote, can we get an extra surrender attempt?

This question was answered by Sara Dadafshar, Producer from VALORANT. She let us know about Riot’s intention with adding extra surrender options in each half. In her response, she said that there is no issue with getting a buffer for surrender votes rather than just the one. She also added that this feature is currently not at a top priority right now. Currently, AFK, Smurfs, and other things are taking the top priority. There will be a review to see if the addition of an extra surrender vote in case of a disconnect makes sense.

Sara Dadafshar’s exact words, “While we don’t see an issue outright with getting a sort of buffer between votes rather than just the one-and-done, we’re going, to be frank, and say this is not at the top of our to-do list for now (AFK, Smurf, etc are hoarding that spot). We’ll review and see if this makes sense, but no promises just yet.

So it seems like we will not be getting the option of an extra surrender vote any time soon but it is a possibility that we will get a feature like this in the future.

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