VALORANT dev addresses questions concerning Rank rating deductions for Queue dodging

On the latest developer note, the devs discussed VALORANT player behavior detection and penalty updates. In the note, they mentioned players dodging queues would receive a rank rating deduction.

Ever since the release of competitive mode on VALORANT, queue dodging has been a common scenario. Queue dodging or pre-game AFK is the act of not selecting an agent purposely so that the lobby would get canceled and the match would not commence.

The aim of the people doing this was to either not to play a disliked map, not play with a toxic teammate, or not play with teammates of lower ranks. They would do this and only get away with a measly 3-minute penalty after which they were free to queue again.

This was addressed and the plans to lessen the matter were discussed in the latest developer note. It was mentioned, “Small deductions from your ranked rating for pre-game dodges” would be put into effect. It was also mentioned that infrequent internet issues would not get punished but players who would purposely AFK would have severe punishments. All these updates are planned for the upcoming patch 2.04.

Riot dev clarifies the update

After the dev notes were posted, many questions regarding the rank rating deductions arose in the Reddit community. There, a Riot dev addressed the issues questions concerning Rank rating deductions for queue dodging.

Riot dev Lea ‘aeneia’ wrote, ” I want to assure you all that we’re tracking this and its impact on players. This isn’t something we’re going to toss into the live game and leave to its own devices. If we notice a downward pull on most players’ RRs, or if we don’t see a decrease in queue dodges, we’ll know we missed the mark. And we’ll fix it.”

She also added, “In the meantime, we wanted to put something in place that would discourage queue dodging for those who abuse it. If you’re the type of player to occasionally drop out of queue because of a toxic teammate, this penalty isn’t going to wreck you or your rank. However, if you consistently drop out of agent selection, you’ll likely feel the pain of the RR reductions.”

So, we can hope that the updates planned by Riot can accurately distinguish players with internet issues from consistent leavers. Thus, only the players who dodge purposefully would get penalized.