VALORANT Dev Addresses Player Who Got Banned for Mistakenly Queuing With Cheater

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Although Riot’s Vanguard is exceptionally good at detecting cheaters, many have avoided getting caught and continue cheating.

Compared to other competitive games like CSGO, Riot’s Vanguard does deserve praise, as cheaters in VALORANT aren’t as common. But they are present, and they are ruining the competitive experience for players especially higher in the ladder.

Some cheat to get to a higher rank or enjoy beating hardworking players. Others monetize it and boost other players to a higher rank in exchange for money. The cheater might charge a specific amount for boosting that account.

But nowadays, people are more cautious, and those seeking boosts avoid this method so that their account is not banned. They devised a way to avoid getting banned from the previous system. They would group up and queue with the cheater. This way, they can get their desired wins while keeping their accounts safe.

To stop this, Riot made changes to their Anti-cheat. Regarding this, they said,

“Cheaters at the highest ranks also put a stain on the prestige that comes with reaching such heights in a highly competitive game. We saw that some players also looked to bask in the ill-gotten gains of cheaters by teaming with them—knowing that the cheater would get banned after a few games, but they would get to reap the rewards.”

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Player Gets Caught While Accidentally Queuing With Cheater

But sometimes, players might unknowingly queue with cheaters and get punished as well. One can simply fail to identify that a player is hacking and might end up grouping with them.

byu/tries-to-help from discussion

A Reddit user stated earlier today,

“I can understand the motivation here, but Riot could end up punishing players for not recognizing cheating. Potentially, I could have a game with someone cheating and just think that they’re really good. If I party up with them for a few more games, I’m going to be punished for it through no fault of my own. Not saying this is likely, but it is possible.”

To this Riot dev, Matt Paoletti replied,

“We’re really targeting concerted boosting services here, where the results are pretty distinct. Precision is a massive priority in these actions.”

The full thread can be found here.

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So moving forward, we can expect fewer cheaters in the game as there will be no safe way to receive account boosting from cheaters.

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