VALORANT: Deathmatch is losing popularity among the players

Riot added the Deathmatch game mode in VALORANT during the August of 2020. With the release of Patch 1.05, VALORANT players were delivered with a crucial game mode that made warming up easy. 

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Deathmatch in VALORANT is extremely easy to queue for, it also guarantees a certain number of players always available on the server. Besides that, the game mode allows players to use any weapon necessary and prohibits utility usage. Riot ensured that Deathmatch will serve as an ideal training/warmup environment for the players. However, in recent times, professionals & casual players from the VALORANT community are facing issues with the mode. 

Many aspects of the Deathmatch game mode have been questionable since launch. Respawn locations & timer seemed faulty. The most common complaint about Deathmatch is the red dot that shows on the minimap which reveals player locations and makes it easy for passive players to score easy frags rather than actually taking gunfights head-on.    

A substantial number of professional players ditched the Deathmatch game mode in favor of much better aim trainers like Kovaaks and Aimlab. In contrast, Riot hasn’t made any groundbreaking improvements to enhance the quality of Deathmatch. Redditor dedm00se‘s recent post clearly depicts the frustrating experience of this particular game mode.

While throwing a barrage of criticism on Deathmatch & its poor state, dedm00se also provided critical suggestions which could, in fact, change the entire Deathmatch experience. After the introduction of Deathmatch, Riot added some more game modes like Escalation, Replication & some festive events like Snowball mode, but the development of Deathmatch has been mediocre at best.

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