VALORANT: Crosshair Profiles may arrive in future updates

According to a reliable data miner in the VALORANT community, a highly requested feature related to crosshairs might be coming soon.

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VALORANT had an extensive crosshair customization system from the beginning. Crosshair color, sizes, offset could be set to suit individual tastes. Inner and Outer lines added another dimension to the customization options. However, professionals and casuals alike desired more features. It looks like the developers listened to the community’s appeals.

Crosshair Profiles & Customization Features

The leaks from ValorLeaks suggest that crosshair profiles and extensive customization options might be available in the game soon. Having crosshair profiles will allow players to quickly change the crosshairs depending on maps, weapons, etc. Besides the profiles, more settings will allow players to customize the ADS crosshairs. Additionally, sharpshooters in VALORANT can also enjoy the fact that a dedicated crosshair option for Sniper scopes might be included in the update too. 

If the leaks are accurate, weapons like Guardian, Marshal, and Operator will see a massive increase in pick rates. Professional players are likely going to be satisfied with these changes since they are more comfortable with the peak optimum settings in any given circumstances. These changes will allow them to make rapid customizations with less hassle. Besides these features, crosshair profiles can also be shared, making it easy to copy preferred crosshairs from any player. 

Riot doesn’t stop at just crosshair profiles and separate settings for ADS and Sniper scopes; the leaks suggest that Firing and Movement Error Multipliers can be introduced to the game. At the current stage, most players stand against using the Firing Error and Movement Error settings. However, decreasing the Multipliers can make these settings viable for many players. Center Dot color may also be included, adding to the customization options.

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Once the changes are implemented, it will drastically change how many weapons are operated. Upon the arrival of these features, versatilities & changes in gameplay style are sure to follow. However, nothing is officially confirmed by Riot Games as of yet.

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