VALORANT Masters Iceland: Slot Distributions, Point Structure, & More

In the latest issue of Ask Valorant, the Global Head of Competitive Operations for VALORANT Esports Alex Francois talked about many aspects of the game’s major events. He spoke about and answered questions regarding stage 2 of VCT.

There have been questions answered regarding the new format of VCT Stage 2. The new regional slot distributions for Masters Iceland, how the casters are selected, VCT Point structure, coaching slots for VAL etc. The team behind Valorant competitive operations tried their best in answering these questions.

Reasoning behind the regional slot distribution for Masters: Reykjavik

“One of our biggest goals for 2020 was to launch international events as quickly as possible. As planning was going on for the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, we were presented with an opportunity to utilize that event’s infrastructure to execute an international 10-team VALORANT LAN earlier than anticipated. With this team limit, our first priority was to make sure each of our seven VALORANT regions was represented at our first global event.” said Alex Francois, Global Head of Competitive Operations for VALORANT Esports.

Philosophy behind the Masters points structure for this year

“When determining how teams would qualify into Champions this year, we had one main goal – make it the most competitive tournament possible. To do that, we needed to weigh a variety of factors. First, we wanted to ensure that we were rewarding teams who have shown consistent results throughout the year. However, we also wanted to ensure that we were valuing the recency of results – finishes closer in time to Champions are likely a better indicator of success than finishes months earlier. Finally, we considered the fact that as we move to international competition, the difficulty of winning Masters grows.” Alex Francois further answered.

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Eligibility of non VCT participating regions for Champions.

“As we welcome new players into VALORANT, we want to expand competitive opportunities in their regions. Tournament circuits like Strike Arabia, that while not part of the VCT, will allow for players in the Middle East and North Africa to participate in the EMEA Last Chance Qualifier (and have a path towards Champions). We want to take a similar approach with other new regions, leading to larger, more competitive, and more inclusive LCQs later this year.” said Kasra Jafroodi, Global Strategy Lead for VALORANT Esports

So this clears up a lot of questions regarding the current VALORANT major events. Masters Iceland is set to be the largest VALORANT major yet.

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