VALORANT community is currently pleading Riot to add “Mans Not Hot” voice line to Phoenix

This voice line would go so well with Phoenix

The VALORANT community is now asking Riot to add the popular meme of 2017 “Mans Not Hot” as a voice line for Phoenix.

VALORANT has a pretty diverse cast of characters in their roster. From army officers to speedsters, Riot has at least one agent for different types of players in VALORANT. And the voice lines from each of these agents are as unique as their character models. Riot even took the extra effort to put an agent-specific Spotify playlist for each agent.

These voice lines and Spotify playlists give these agents an extra layer of depth to their characters. Since there are already so many characters in the hero shooter genre right now, Riot had to put some extra effort to help their agents stand out from the rest. On that note, the community is currently asking Riot to add the popular meme of 2017 “Mans Not Hot” that was originated from a popular song BIG SHAQ as a voice line for Phoenix.

Roadman Shaq VALORANT Phoenix
Image via Roadman Shaq

Seems like Riot did see some connection with the lyrics of BIG SHAQ with Phoenix as it is already in Phoenix’s Spotify playlist. If only Riot can somehow manage to add “Mans Not Hot” as a punchline if he clutches a win that would really be amusing to see. Adding these extra lines would give agents like Phoenix an extra punch. Judging by Phoenix’s personality and his abilities, this voice line would fit him perfectly.

VALORANT has so much potential for further character development of each of these agents. Although coming from the creators of League of Legends, it is not that surprising that Riot can come up with interesting personalities in their games. Take a look at their flagship product League. All of their characters are at this point pretty fleshed out. Hope Riot can also bring their expertise in great character development to VALORANT.


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