VALORANT cheaters are heartbroken knowing they are still banned from the game after the official release

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot just released VALORANT to the whole world and those who were banned during the closed beta for cheating are now upset.

Back in April Riot Games released VALORANT’s closed beta. At first, they gave beta access to some of the biggest streamers and content creators on various different streaming platforms. Although the general populous could only get access to the closed beta via Twitch drops. As soon as players started to get their hands on VALORANT, cheaters emerged as usual surprising no one. Even though it was a closed beta, Riot used Vanguard, their in-house anti-cheat solution to ban these cheaters.

Throughout the whole closed beta, Riot banned almost 10000 accounts for cheating in VALORANT. Most of them were “soulbanned” from the game altogether. Since most of them were hardware ID banned from the game, they still couldn’t get access to the game after the global launch on June 2.

Although the developers of Vanguard did state that those who have only tested the cheats a couple of times during the closed beta might be sparred with the global release. However, continuous abusers will get no mercy from Riot. The cheaters are now using twitter and other social media platforms to show their dissatisfaction with Riot. However, Riot won’t budge as they have really zero-tolerance policy for cheaters in their games.

Riot invested a lot of money into R&D in order to create Vanguard. With auto-banning now available from the global launch, cheaters will be detected automatically and banned from the game without much interference.

Although there are some in the community who doesn’t like the intrusive nature of Riot’s Anti-cheat solution. After all the security concerns from the community regarding data privacy, Riot did put out a statement claiming that they took all the necessary precautions to avoid any leak of personal data.

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