VALORANT Champions Tour and Aim Lab partner together to introduce the Aim Lab Combine

Aim Lab recently released a trailer showcasing VALORANT in-game exercises that can be done fully in the aim training software. But there was more in store, they have also announced that they will be partnering with Valorant Champions Tour to bring together the Aim Lab Combine.

Aim Lab is an Aim Training software that provides a variety of training regimes to improve one’s aim. It includes exercises that improve the precision, flicking, and tracking of a player. Unlike other aim training software like KovaaK 2.0, Aim Lab is totally free. It is still in very early beta but already it has made a lot of progress like becoming Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege’s official Training partner.

In a game like Valorant where the Aim constitutes a major portion of the skill required to play it well, Aim Lab has become extremely popular among the pros and aspiring youngsters alike. Aim Lab is now incorporating exercises that include many maps from VALORANT so that players can get an even more realistic Aim training experience. Shooting circles on a 2D plane can help, but actually clearing out enemies in the same map environment can drastically improve the practice experience of the user.

To commemorate Aim Lab Combine, there will be prizes for the top-scoring players who participate in the event up to May 5th. The new exercises introduced have been meticulously developed by Riot and Aim Lab to strengthen the core mechanics of players of all levels.

New Aim Lab training exercises

  • Entry – Blend in-game knowledge and decisive action to properly enter a site
  • Headshots – Keep your cursor online for a headshot while flicking between targets
  • Microflexing – Make small, disciplined corrections to your aim
  • Tracking – Stay focused while tracking a moving target
  • Trigger Control – Isolate and gauge your reaction time
  • Wallpeek – Maintain cover and eliminate your enemies while peeking from behind a wall

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This new partnership with Aim Lab will vastly help the VALORANT players out there as they can get a better learning environment to improve their skills in the game.

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