VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 EMEA Stage 2: All you need to know

After the overwhelming success of VCT 2021 Stage 1, Stage 2 has higher ambitions being the first Global VALORANT LAN event. For VCT 2021 Stage 2, a total of 10 teams will get to represent the newly formed unified regions and compete in the Grand event in Iceland.

For Stage 2, the regions are now divided into 8 rather than 9 from Stage 1. They are North America, EMEA, Korea, SEA, Brazil, LATAM, and Japan. For the main LAN event, there will be 2 teams for NA, 2 teams from EMEA, 1 team from KR, 2 teams from BR, and 1 team each from SEA, LATAM & JP.

How does Stage 2 work?

First there will be 2 weeks of Challengers Qualifiers for the EU region. The top 2 from each week making a total of 4 teams will advance to the EMEA Challenger playoffs. They will be joined by the top 3 teams from Turkey and the best team in CIS.

These 8 teams will fight it out in the group stages where the best 2 teams from each group will advance to the EMEA Challengers playoffs. The champions and runners-up up of the finals will get to participate in the Grand LAN event in Iceland.

Teams have already qualified for the main events of VCT EU Stage 2 Challengers 1 and VCT TR Stage 2 Challengers 2 and the respective tournaments will be underway very soon. Stay tuned as we keep you updated with the latest information regarding VCT 2021: EMEA Stage 2.

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