VALORANT Champions 2022: Optic defeats DRX and advances to the Grand Finals

As the lower bracket finals to a close, Optic faces off against DRX in the Lower bracket finals match.

With the last match remaining for the lower bracket, the remaining two teams will fight to redeem themselves. The winners will ascend to the Grand finals, and the losers have to say goodbye to Istanbul and place as the 2nd Runners up.

DRX was the champions of Korea and qualified for VALORANT CHAMPIONS 2022 via Circuit points. Although they couldn’t prove themselves in Masters Copenhagen, in Champions 2022 they blazed through the group stages, becoming the champions of Group D.

Optic Gaming, previously known as Team Envy, was #1 in the NA ladder via circuit points and the 2nd runner-up in Masters Copenhagen. In Champions 2022, they were the group stage champions of group B and played extremely well in the playoffs, only losing in the Upper bracket final to LOUD. Now they face DRX in the Lower bracket finals.

Mapwise Scores


Optic Gaming 13-8 DRX


Optic Gaming 13-5 DRX


Optic Gaming 8-13 DRX


Optic Gaming 6-13 DRX


Optic Gaming 13-10 DRX

The first map was Bind, where Optic gained a significant lead on the attacking side, which netted them a victory. With the traction they gained, Optic continued the momentum to the next map, which was Breeze. DRX seemed to be on the edge of defeat as just one more defeat meant losing the series.

Finally, on the 3rd map, Fracture, DRX managed to make a spectacular comeback and took back a point. Ascent is where DRX really shined and took the map convincingly. With both teams tied, Haven was the decider map. The match was hard-fought but Optic managed to clinch the map and took the series.

Thus Optic Gaming proceeds to the Grand Finals of VALORANT CHAMPIONS 2022 where they will face off against LOUD.

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