VALORANT Celestial Skin Bundle: First Look, Price, Animations, and more

A new leak has revealed the upcoming Celestial Skin bundle coming to VALORANT.

Riot Games is once again one-upping themselves with the addition of amazing-looking skins in VALORANT. Since the start VALORANT skins have brought that premium feel to the game both in their expensive price and looks. Even though they are a bit pricey players are still buying skins in VALORANT. Recently another leak has revealed a new skin coming to VALORANT.

Seems like Riot is ready to make a hole in everyone’s wallet once again with the introduction of the newly leaked Celestial skin bundle. The celestial skin bundle features a meteor shower amidst a rising sun and a whole zen vibe to them.

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Celestial Skin Bundle Details:


The Celestial bundle skins are similarly priced to previous animated skins in VALORANT. Each gun skins are 1775 VP(VALORANT points) and the Celestial Melee is 3550 VP.

Celestial Phantom (1775VP) ~
Celestial Ares (1775VP)
Celestial Frenzy (1775VP)
Celestial Judge (1775VP)
Celestial Melee (3550VP)

Bundle Price: 7100VP

Release Date:

The release date of the Celestial Skin bundle is TBA. But usually skins release 1-2 weeks after their reveal.

Celestial bundle skins:

Images of the Celestial bundle skins are given below-

Celestial Fan Lv2 Animation:

The Celestial fan has a nice animation and sound design. below is the animation for the fan lvl 2 as well as it’s in-game equip and unequip sound.


The Celestial skin bundle also comes with a gun buddy that looks like an Ox’s face and shines from within.

Celestial Bundle in-game look:

ValorLeaks is a popular leaker among the VALORANT community. Thanks to him we have an in-game look at the Celestial Skin bundles in-game.

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