VALORANT bug in patch 2.08 causes players to get incorrect Rank placements

Earlier today, the long-awaited VALORANT Patch 2.08 went live and it introduced the new map Breeze along with new features like Coach Slots and other quality of life improvements. But there was also a bug in the patch that made players who played their competitive placement games get a rank lower than what they were supposed to get.

While tweaking with the settings of Competitive, a bug inadvertently made it to the live game. This caused players to get placed in a lower rank than they actually deserved. This was extremely unfair to the players as they had to go on a tedious grind to climb up to their original rank and ruin the game for the lower-ranked players while doing so as well.

Image via Valorant NA
Image via Valorant NA

Here we can see a player who was previously Immortal in Episode 2 Act 2 and after placing in Episode 2 Act 3, he got Gold 3 rank. This is totally absurd as an Immortal player should never be at this rank. Now if he wants to climb back up it would take a long time as well as he’d make the game unfair for the other players while doing so.

Riot addressed the issue and advises a fix to be coming soon. In the meantime, players have been advised to not do their placement matches until the fix arrives.

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