VALORANT Breeze Map: Agent tips, tricks, lineups, and more

With the long-awaited 2.08 patch, Riot has finally added Breeze to its map pool. This will be the 6th map added to the game. It features a cool tropical environment and old structures in a rural setting. As Breeze is new players might want to learn a thing or two so that they can quickly use the map to their advantage.

The creative and talented Valorant community has already made some interesting map strategies that will give players a tactical advantage in the new map. They have found innovative Sage walls, Viper lineups, Sova darts, and more.

Sova Recon Arrows and Shock Darts:

Redditor u/g1g1g1g1g1g1g1g1 has made a sova lineup for post plant position for B site. Here he shows the positions for two shock darts that land simultaneously and kill anyone defusing the spike.

Breeze is a map that is notorious for its long sightlines. The open area in Mid is a playground for Operator players and will prove difficult for allies to cross. This Recon arrow by u/novabeast11 reveals that area and finds any pesky Operators holding that angle.

Another defensive position in Breeze is the two Pyramids. This recon arrow by u/novabeast11 reveals anyone playing from that position.

This crazy arrow by u/verynicenoodle can help retake A site from the attacking team.

Sage Walls:

This wall by u/skzl_ makes it so that anyone entering the trap door would get stuck and unable to get out of it without breaking the wall.

This sage wall by u/tweetercs shows a sage wall allowing the peek over the A metal doors. This boost also existed once for Haven garage doors in VALORANT beta.

This wall by u/StixReddit on A site shows various advantageous spots that can be played around the wall.

Killjoy Hidden Nano swarm:

This hidden nade spot by u/shadefreeze shows a molly that can be used for post-plant situations.

Viper Lineups:

This video by hateg0d shows some of the best Viper lineups to be used in the new map.

With Breeze coming out just recently, it is a good sign that the VALORANT community has taken a keen interest in it and discovering lineups and strats so quickly. These will definitely help out the new players looking to jump into the new map and start learning it.

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