VALORANT: Big Brain Sova Recon Arrow on Ascent

Ascent is well known to be one of the strongest maps to play as Sova. The map is open and has a huge skybox with minimal obstacles making it a playground for aspiring Sova mains. The cheeky positions and cubbies in the game where enemies might hide can be easily be scanned using Sova’s recon arrow.

In an information-based game like VALORANT, a well-planned attack can be crippled by the simple knowledge of where the enemy is coming from. This is where Sova comes in as he has two distinct abilities solely focused on gathering intel.

On a map like Ascent, mid control is extremely important as it opens up access to both sides as well as enemy rotations. On the defending side, if mid control is lost, enemies often post up and take Market control. It is a difficult area to regain control of rotating from A as enemies might hide in Barrels, Pizza or Market itself. But with with a clever recon arrow that area control can easily be regained.

In this post by redditor u/Loreyed, a Sova recon arrow lineup in Ascent is showcased. Here, he shows the arrow lineup that when fired from A Heaven, lands in the market through the roof.

The arrow trajectory is quite unique as it bounces off from the tree and the high structures and lands inside the market through the roof. This takes enemies by surprise and ensures at least 1 scan.

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