Valorant beta may be available from April 3rd

Please let this be true

Valorant has received so much hype as it is Riot’s first entry into the popular tactical shooter genre.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the official hands-on with streamers was canceled long ago. But rumor has it that Valorant beta might go live on 3rd April. This speculation formed as XQc and a French Streamer also said that Valorant content is coming really soon.

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The embargo for the gameplay streamers will capture on 27th lifts on 3rd April. So the beta might start on 3rd April. This is of course not official as of yet and should be taken with a grain of salt.

People are really excited to see what Riot has planned for them. This game was almost in a six-year-long development cycle. during that period they really put their resources into things that really matter like server performance, 128 tik rate server, pickers advantage and also cheaters.

Apparently they also made a huge commitment to be in it for the long run just like League of Legends. Riot has a really good reputation for handling eSports. That is one of the reasons behind their hype.

Some of the Tier-1 teams like T1 has already signed players for their pro roster for Valorant. This is totally unheard of in any other eSports. The games beta isn’t even out yet.

Everyone is really keen to see what this game will be all about. If we are lucky we can see it on April 3rd from our favorite streamers as well as the open beta only if the rumors are correct.

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