Valorant: Best Graphics Settings to gain more FPS

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

RIOT classified VALORANT as an Esports title and released the game to capture a broad audience. Even as a new Esports title, it requires somewhat decent hardware specifications to run smoothly.

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To achieve the maximum possible framerate on a specific device, several elements can be taken into consideration. Struggling players often overclock their old components without having proper knowledge about power supply issues. Achieving better results out of aging PC parts is not entirely impossible.

Proper Windows Optimization

Turning off XBOX Game DVR is a proven method of getting more FPS. Besides the Game DVR, it’s better not to run other background tasks while playing Valorant. Background processes can be detected and shut down under the “Processes” section in the Task Manager. Additionally, certain Anti-Virus Softwares can execute heavy-duty scanning while Valorant is running as the primary application, which can significantly lower in-game performance. 

Unnecessary display animations should be turned off too.

Right click on the process you want to turn off and select “End Task”.

Graphics Quality Settings Guide

Multithreaded Rendering: On 

Material Quality: Medium

Texture Quality: Medium

Detail Quality: Medium / Low

UI Quality: Low

Vignette: Off

VSync: Off

Anti-Aliasing: 2x 

Anisotropic Filtering: 2x / 4x 

Improve Clarity: Off 

[BETA] Experimental Sharpening: Off

Bloom: Off

Distortion: Off

First Person Shadows: Off 

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In some instances, choosing the “Low” option might increase FPS by a short margin. UI Quality should be set to “Low” as it doesn’t improve in-game visuals. Turn VSync off to avoid raising input latency. Some of these settings can be switched on or off based on the presence of compatible hardware. It’s important to keep the GPU drivers up-to-date.

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