VALORANT: BBG Critical accused of cheating in the Knights Before Christmas Tournament

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Tristan “Critical” Trinacty is under investigation after receiving cheating allegations from Ninja’s team Time In. 

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In the Pittsburg VALORANT tournament, Ninja’s team Time In faced off against BBG during the round of 16. With a 2-0 scoreline, BBG secured a comfortable win. However, things took an u-turn after Ninja decided to contact the tournament organizers to report suspicious activities.

The primary accusation falls on Tristan’s shoulder as some of his clips went viral after the match. During their game in Ascent, Tristan carefully relocated to the mid-market area, presumably to save his weapon for the upcoming rounds. After ensuring a safe position to preserve the economy, Tristan suddenly adjusted his Vandal towards an enemy beyond his line of sight. In another round, Critical was precisely tracking Time In players with Sova’s ultimate ability, which raised further suspicions.

While professional players are arguing about Ninja’s claim, some players are also standing by Tristan’s side. Previously, Critical received cheating allegations three times during his VALORANT career. Although, Riot officials investigated his gameplay multiple times & cleared him of every accusation. Initially, the organizers decided to disqualify BBG from the tournament. However, the decision quickly backfired & the organizers are now allowing BBG to participate in the tournament again.

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On the other hand, BBG’s coach, “rob-wiz,” shared his perspective of the situation. He also stated, “Critical has been cleared by Riot 3 times already, and theres no way to hard prove he was cheating, and the evidence is just not enough”.

Nonetheless, Riot officials are yet to comment anything about this situation.

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