VALORANT Episode 2 Act 3 Battlepass: Lightwave, Songsteel, Depths skin bundles, New Map “Breeze”, PlayerCards, Gun Buddies, & More

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Image via ValorLeaks

With Episode 2 Act 2 of VALORANT coming to an end soon, we have gotten information and first look for the upcoming skins for the new battle pass. The Episode 2 Act 3 Battle pass has 3 sets of new skins along with brand new player cards and buddies.

The new battle pass will feature three new skin sets: Lightwave set, Depths set and Songsteel set along with a Melee. At first look, it seems that the melee is going to be Sword. ValorLeaks, a reliable data miner in the Valorant community leaked information and first looks at the new battle pass content.

New Skins:

Lightwave set: These skins look similar to the new Prime 2.0 skins. They are color in a futuristic “Lightwave” palette from which they derive their name from. They also come in variants that can be upgraded by the player at the cost of RP. Each of the Lightwave skins has 4 different colors. Lightwave guns: Phantom, Odin, Frenzy, and Bucky, much like the Prime 2.0 guns.

Image via ValorLeaks
Image via ValorLeaks
Image via ValorLeaks
Image via ValorLeaks

Depths set: These skins feature a cool scene that looks like the bottom of the ocean. They are probably tied to the new map Breeze that features a tropical ocean.

Songsteel set: These skins have are mostly comprised of guns with a wooden stock fashioned with shiny steel. At first sight these look like the Cavalier skins from the last Battlepass although not quite as bad. But the color scheme for these skins does look questionable.

Image via ValorLeaks

Player Cards: Finally we have the new Player cards. They feature the new map, some action scenes of our favorite agents, and probable references to a future agent.

Player cards

Guns Buddies: Although not quite as unique as some of the previous ones, this battle pass offers an array of gun buddies.

Gun buddies

The new Player cards and the Lightwave and Depths skin bundle look really good. The Songsteel set could’ve had better colors and the melee isn’t as impressive. But all in all, this seems like a worthy battle pass that a lot of players would be looking to purchase.

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