VALORANT: Astra’s Hidden Perk demonstrated by Twitch Streamers AverageJonas and ONSCREEN

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

In a recent stream session on Twitch, AverageJonas demonstrated one of Astra’s abilities which could bring a change to the existing meta. 

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Riot Games is planning to inaugurate Astra on the upcoming ACT of VALORANT. Her abilities are looking quite promising, even though Astra is only limited to influencers & professional players. The agent is still not playable in the public domain, but some influencers got their hands on the agent early. As expected, seasoned professionals are already studying her perks & potentials. 

Astral Form enables Astra to roam throughout the map in an altered vision to place her abilities. AverageJonas demonstrated the further prospects of the Astral Form by remotely detecting a fake-defuse. However, Astral Form won’t allow players to spot the defuser or any nearby enemies. In the clip posted by Redditor LordGamingOfficial, ONSCREEN guided AverageJonas to identify a fake-defuse by observing the movement of the Spike’s outline.  

The jaw-dropping hidden perk raised concern among the Redditors in complex ways. Players are demanding a quick fix from Riot before her addition to the VALORANT’s agent lineup. Upon her worldwide release in a few days, Astra will be the 15th VALORANT agent.  

Developers at Riot Games have been trying to bring varieties to the core gameplay of VALORANT. With the release of Episode 2 ACT II, VALORANT players will get their hands on a new Controller agent. Astra’s abilities will surely deliver some much-needed additions to the conventional playstyle.

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After Yoru’s integration back in January, VALORANT went through a substantial overhaul in terms of gameplay dynamics. Despite all of Yoru’s duelling capabilities, the agent had a very low pick-rate throughout the VALORANT Challengers Series. On the other hand, Astra seems to be receiving positive treatments from professional players

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