VALORANT: Astra’s Gravity Well ability is allowing her to peek faster

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

In a recent post on Reddit, Twitch Stramer BaileyKing showed how exactly Astra’s Gravity Well is letting her peek corners with faster than average speed. 

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Astra is the 4th & latest Controller agent in VALORANT’s agent lineup. Unlike her predecessors, the new Ghanian agent has a unique fashion. Controller agents are able to make the game challenging for aggressive duelist players. Astra is well packed with exotic & unconventional abilities that match her role perfectly.

The 15th VALORANT agent Astra is now available for the players & her unique abilities are not going unnoticed by the enthusiasts. Corner peeking in VALORANT is a critical task, especially when a pre-stationed enemy is already holding a specific angle. BaileyKingTwitch’s latest post on Reddit clearly illustrated an odd advantage that Astra could create by using her Gravity Well right before peeking a corner. 

Even though this “fast-peeking” perk from Astra might look slightly impractical at first but knowing this maneuver might come in handy during chaotic situations. Although, repeatedly utilizing the perk might become counterproductive in certain scenarios. Gravity Well is an excellent ability to use during defense. On top of that, the potential of this ability is already exceeding the expectations of the players. 

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To ensure victory, Controller agents must perform multiple tasks in-game. Generally, Controller agents lay the foundations for their teams to secure crucial points on a map. With all her Cosmic glories, Astra has the potential to diversify all the traditional ways to play a Controller agent. 

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