VALORANT: Another tricky Sage wall to use on Ascent

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

Defending the Spike is tough; perhaps this newly found Sage Barrier Orb might make it easier.

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Sage is one of the most influential agents in VALORANT.  Since her introduction alongside the game’s beta version, Sage has been the default pick for many star players. In fact, the character’s full potential temporarily outshined the abilities of other VALORANT agents. Based on statistics & reviews, developers realized the need to reduce Sage’s impact on the existing agent pool.

Sage’s Barrier Orb trick for post-plant

As shown by Redditor stay_sweet, Sage’s Barrier Orb should be able to halt any retake attempts made by the defenders on Ascent. The trick here is simple, but it requires teamwork. Upon planting the Spike on Ascent’s A site, Sage needs to place her Barrier Orb above the Spike. The Barrier Orb will almost instantaneously create an obstacle around the Spike, making it harder for the defenders to reach & defuse the object. However, the entire plan will only work if the Spike is planted behind the Generator area of A site.

This method doesn’t ensure a 100% win-rate for post-plant situations, but it will prevent the defenders from getting secure access to the Spike. Ultimately, the purpose of the idea is to make retakes harder for the opponent.

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After receiving multiple nerfs, Sage’s popularity started to decline during the initial days of ACT 2. Soon, the players started to adapt better & more efficient strategies, which excluded the presence of Sage. At a certain point, the pre-existing meta was challenged by agents like Killjoy & Skye. However, the European First Strike event proved that Sage is still a highly effective agent.

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