VALORANT Announces Public Beta Environment coming this July

Riot has just confirmed that there will be a PBE or Public Beta Environment coming soon to VALORANT.

Like most other games, incorporating a zone separate from the main game, where changes and alterations can be done freely without consequences of ruining the game experience is something that has been really needed in VALORANT. Other games have Play Test Region, Test Servers, Experimental/Beta servers and as for VALORANT they are deciding to call it Public Beta Environment.

With PBE, the devs over at Riot can explore many changes and alterations freely on a bigger sample size compared to only beta testers. This will in turn produce results that are much closer to the main game general player base. Thus the devs can get better results and bring about more balanced changes in the future to the main game.

“You’ll be able to break in new maps, assess new Agents, and more! Better yet, we’ll try to squash any pesky bugs you find along the way to ensure our shiny new content is well-tuned and (hopefully) glitch-free before it goes live.” said Riot on their official website.

For now, the PBE will only be available to approved NA players starting July 9th. The proposed updates and patches will be available early in the PBE prior to their release in the main game. This will allow players to test it out before the update goes live. Also, a dedicated VAORANT PBE subreddit has been created to further help bug solving.

Players can sign up for PBE through Riot’s official website.

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