VALORANT account leveling and border system releasing tomorrow, the first day of Episode 3

After multiple leaks and rumors of a leveling system coming to VALORANT, it has been finally confirmed that the new system is set to release tomorrow, the first day for Episode 3.

Mike from ValorLeaks, who is a reliable VALORANT data miner made the speculation of such a system last March. There would be a leveling system and players could increase their level depending on XP earned. Riot already has an XP earning system in the game that goes towards Agent contracts and the battle pass, so it will be very easy to implement Player borders to the game.

Each border would represent a level range. After a certain threshold is surpassed, players would get to have upgraded borders. This will give the players another stat to work on and be compared with. Already we have the Act Rank to signify the average rank a player was on the previous Act. Level borders will exist to signify how much time a player has been actively playing the game.

ValorantUpdates tweeted the following image that shows the finalized version of the ranking system. That there are levels 1-499 in 5 stages and 5 tiers in each stage. Every 20 levels a player would go to a higher stage and every 100 levels a player will be upgraded to a higher stage. In that higher stage, the player will start back at the first tier.

For now, up to level 499 has been announced, but that will be subject to change in the far future depending on how many players are able to max out their ranks. And judging by how dedicated some players are in this game, we might receive news of shocking progress from the vast Valorant community.

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