VALORANT: A Useful Killjoy Nanoswarm lineup to use on Split

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Riot Games

The VALORANT community on Reddit has found yet another insane Killjoy Nanoswarm spot to use on Split’s B site post-plant scenario.

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In August of 2020, the introduction of Killjoy brought the concept of asymmetrical warfare to VALORANT. Many months later, the German agent is still wreaking havoc among the in-game strategists. Tier-1 teams from multiple regions are continuously utilizing the agent to her maximum potential in recent tournaments. 

Split is a map that requires heavy usage of utility. Defending on Split is a comparatively easy task. Holding onto some crucial chokepoints often does the job. However, playing post-plant scenarios in Split’s B site is exceptionally challenging. Similarly, playing Killjoy on Split is not an easy task due to the complex characteristics of her abilities. In that case, a simple post-plant Nanoswarm lineup shown by Redditor CharlesJustn might help. 

Nanoswarms are pretty deadly & effective. One Nanoswarm can almost deny an entire defuse attempt. In order to properly execute the whole lineup, the player will have to relocate to the CT area of B site. As demonstrated in the video, a calculated Nanoswarm throw from CT will cause significant delays during defuse attempts. The lineup’s major downside is that it’ll only work if the Spike is planted on the “Default-plant” spot.

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Killjoy came a long way since her official debut last year. While the Sentinel players enjoyed Killjoy’s presence in the game, duelist players had to deal with a mightly arsenal of Turrets, Nanoswarms & Alarmbots. After receiving repeated feedback from the VALORANT community, Riot decided to nerf Killjoy. However, her pick-rate in the VALORANT’s competitive scene is still quite high.

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