VALORANT: A multipurpose Sage Wall spot to trick opponents in Bind

The VALORANT community has come up with a multipurpose Sage wall trick giving players more reasons to pick Sage on Bind. 

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Bind is definitely one of the most influential maps in VALORANT in terms of sheer size & importance. Players get plenty of freedom to build & execute various strategies on the map. The map features wide-open areas, portals, congested locations, and even some elevated sniping spots. Bind offers a genuinely diverse experience for the players altogether. However, defending bombsites on the map often proves to be challenging.  

Sage wall spot for A site defense

In that case, a Sage wall spot shown by Redditor Sprouzy might assist you in pushing back incoming executes without getting spotted. It’s basically a one-way setup to halt enemies rushing towards the site from the Shower area. The wall spot demonstrated by Sprouzy will also allow players to engage enemies far off in the Lamps/U-hall area while simultaneously holding back a coordinated site-execute. Usually, Sage players are more accustomed to blocking off A-short executes with Barrier Orb, but this spot will enable players to damage opponents from a fairly concealed position.

Typically Sentinel agents are required to spot, recognize & obstruct enemies so the remaining players on the team can perform a rotation from another site. Thanks to the incredibly hard-to-spot position of this one-way Sage wall, players will get the additional opportunity to cause severe damage before the rotation arrives. Moreover, there are no alternative routes in A shower area to bypass the wall.

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Despite receiving repeated nerfs, Sage continues to amaze the VALORANT players in many ways. Obviously, the agent had issues before ACT 2, but the community’s continuous feedback pushed Riot to reduce her strength severely.

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