Valkyrie has been temporarily removed from the firing range in Apex Legends

Valkyrie is the new character that Respawn added with their most anticipated seasonal update to Apex Legends since launch. Right now, she is temporarily banned from the firing range due to an exploit.

Some really crafty Apex players figured out an exploit that let them farm kills to add to their stats in the game using Valkyrie. Usually, killing dummies in the firing range doesn’t have any impact on a player’s in-game stats.

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However, using a very specific exploit, some notorious players were abusing the system to rack up some free kills to their overall stats. Since it was ruining the overall balance of the game, Respawn moved quickly and removed Valkyrie from the firing range.

You can still choose her in any game modes

So, players won’t be able to take her for a test drive in the firing range, for the time being, but players can still select her as a playable character in both the Arenas and the normal game mode.

While Respawn figures out a fix, this ban will remain in place. This has been a tough couple of weeks for Respawn as the highly anticipated launch of their biggest seasonal update was plagued with server issues.

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On top of that, new exploits are appearing out of nowhere following the Legacy update. Since Respawn has already acknowledged most of these issues, they should be taken care of soon.

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