Valkyrae Accidentally Reveals her Earnings on YouTube in the Past Month

Nawshad Noor
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YouTube Streamer 100TValkyrae Credit: Valkyrae

YouTube streamer Valkyrae has accidentally revealed her earnings on YouTube in the past month during one of her recent streams.

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is a popular YouTube streamer. Previously she used to stream Fortnite on Twitch. Since then she has made the switch to YouTube and is growing her channel rapidly. Valkyrae used to average about 1-2k viewers per stream during her Twitch days. But after transitioning to YouTube her viewer count just keeps increasing. Nowadays she averages around 80-90k viewers on YouTube playing Among us and other games with friends.

Transitioning to YouTube and the rising popularity of Among Us helped Valkyrae reach the height she is at currently. Valkyrae is the fastest-growing Livestreamer in the world right now. She is also the biggest female gaming streamer leaving behind streamers like Pokimane, Loserfruit, and Kittyplays.

During one of her recent streams, Valkyrae accidentally leaked her earnings in the past month from YouTube.

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Valkyrae Reveals her earnings:

From the screenshot shared by thelolhounds1 on Twitter, we can see the actual earnings of Valkyrae.

If we take a closer look at the bottom right of the image then we can see the summary of Valkyrae’s YouTube channel. It shows us that Valkyrae had 36.4 million views on her videos in the last 28 days. The watch time on her channel is 8.4 million hours and last but not least her revenue is stated at the bottom. Valkyrae has made approximately USD 172,908 in the last 28 days from YouTube.

This figure is excluding all of the donations, brand deals, and her 100T contract. Adding these values will make her monthly revenue higher maybe even double.

If we multiply Valkyrae’s earnings in one month by 12 then we get her yearly revenue generation from her YouTube channel. Which is more than USD 2 million per year.

But keep in mind the numbers shown here are from December and usually ad revenue is higher during the end of the year. So Valkyrae’s annual earnings stated in this article is just a speculation and might differ from the actual values.

Nevertheless, Valkyrae’s earnings from YouTube are clearly not a small amount and we are all happy to see her grow and do well by making the transition from Twitch to YouTube.

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