Uzi hints retirement from professional League of Legends

One of the best AD carries in the world Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao hints retirement from professional League of Legends.

There have been many speculations around Uzi’s retirement when he didn’t play for a single game during the 2020 Spring Split. The speculations continue to grow when Uzi’s contract with Royal Never Give Up ended on April 30 and he became a free agent. Yesterday, RNG also announced their roster and it seems like the 23-year-old has not renewed his contract with them.

Last year, Uzi talked about the injury he has with his shoulder and right arm. He even said, “The worst part is this area, it will affect the entire arm. Sometimes it feels like my arm is retired already…”

And recently a fan pointed out that, Uzi has changed his Korean account name to ggggggmeile. Which may seem normal but in Chinese meile means ‘no more’. The Chinese communities also have mixed feelings regarding this, it could either be a hint to his retirement or this also could also be a joke.

Uzi has been playing League of Legends professionally since 2012, and in this eight-year, he gradually became Chinese fan-favorite and one of the best League of Legends players.

But one of the saddest parts of his career is not winning the World Championship despite making it into the final twice in 2013 and 2014.

Uzi has not made any official statement regarding his retirement. But if the rumors are true, League of Legends fans will certainly lose a Legend.

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