Users can now Cancel Subscriptions Within 10 minutes with the new “I just wanted to get a shoutout” option on Twitch

Twitch recently added a new option in the subscription refund canceling feature titled “I just wanted to get a shoutout”.

Shout out’s are a common thing in the online world. It means to publicly acknowledge someone, especially by name. Viewers usually donate to their favorite streamers sometimes in appreciation of their content or in hopes of getting a shoutout.

Twitch streamers usually shoutout names of people who donate money to the stream or subscribe. Subscribing allows a viewer to pay a minimum of $4.99 per month to support their favorite channel, either on a recurring or one-time basis. Subscribers on twitch also get special privileges like access to exclusive emotes or other benefits.

Twitch also has a 10 min refund policy where anyone who accidentally donates or subscribes to a twitch channel can ask for a refund. If a viewer asks for a refund then the Twitch streamer will not receive any revenue from that sub. There are a few reasons that users can select when asking for a refund on Twitch.

Twitch recently added a new option to the reason for the refund titled “I just wanted to get a shoutout”.

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I just wanted to get a shoutout sub refund option:

Sometimes some viewers might make a very large donation or sub to a Twitch channel and when that streamer shouts out’s that username, they ask for a refund. This way some people are trolling Twitch streamers. Recently Twitch added this new option “I just wanted to get a shoutout” when selecting a reason when asking for a refund on a subscription.

A Twitter used recently shared thoughts regarding the addition of this new sub refund option. The Tweet reads,

“Twitch: we are doing our best to protect our streamers from trolls
Also Twitch: here ya go trolls, here’s another zero-cost way to troll the streamer
And yes, I confirmed it works. It’s not just a jebait option. I got a refund
One step forward, two steps back”.

We still don’t know why Twitch implemented this option as it seems like this option is in no way useful in people from trolling by refunding donations or subscriptions.

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