Upcoming Fall Guys Update Will Make Some Major Changes to Existing Maps

The Next Fall Guys update will bring major changes to some of its original maps. A huge hammer might also randomly appear on some maps.

Fall Guys is not your traditional Battle Royale. It plays more like a game show. In Fall guys players have to compete against each other in order to survive each round. The ultimate goal is to win the crown by being the last bean alive. Since it’s release, Fall Guys has been gaining massive popularity. It has sold so many copies that even Mediatonic(Developers of Fall Guys) were astonished at the game’s success.

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Fall Guys Community Manager Oliverage24 went on vacation last week. He runs the official Fall Guys twitter Account. Oliverage24 was the person who made the TimThetatman first win hype a thing. More than 350k people watched live as TimThetatman got his first win.

This past week we didn’t get many updates on anything regarding Fall Guys. As soon as the Community Manager came back he made some major announcements. It seems as though Fall Guys got it’s voice back. He announced that Fall guys will get an update quite soon.

Upcoming Changes to Fall Guys Maps

Some of the original Fall Guys maps are getting major changes in the next update. Some of the maps that are getting changed are Hit Parade and Dizzy Heights.

These maps are getting a bit harder to clear according to the images shared by Fall Guys Twitter. Some maps will see the addition of some new swinging obstacles added at the beginning. Some maps will have watermelons falling on the players instead of yellow tennis balls. As the watermelons are wider they will surely mess up a lot more players.

Big Hammer Appearing Randomly

Some maps in Fall Guys will have a giant hammer appear randomly and create havoc among players. The hammer is currently known as Big Yeetus.

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