Union Gaming wins South Asia August 2020 Major Finals

In a thrilling final of the Six August 2020 Major, Union Gaming beat MercenarieZ with a clean scoreline of 3:0 in a best of five series.

The Six August 2020 Major was the first International event in the big stage for the South Asia region. Earlier in the year, Ubisoft had recognized this region for the first time ever after so many years of the game’s release. But this didn’t stop the South Asian region from grinding and growing their local esports community on their own, which eventually led them to the official Rainbow Six Pro League with the South Asia Nationals.

The top 4 teams from the South Asia Nationals took this opportunity to show that they are the best in this region and qualified for the Six August 2020 Major. Not only there was a substantial prize money, but Six Invitational Global Points were also on the line for the winners of this August Major.

MercenarieZ and Union Gaming showed their strength as they finished off the semi-finals quickly and moved on the finals, where they were matched up against each other.

Although MrcZ won the South Asia National Finals against Union Gaming, this time UG didn’t let them go that easily. The first map ‘Theme Park’ was MrcZ’s map pick, but they gave it away to UG with a 7-5 scoreline. Sparko (UG’s IGL) even mentioned in his interview later that they mistakenly didn’t ban ‘Theme Park’, which was their usual map ban. But somehow they managed to adapt and turn it to their favor, which was aided by MrcZ Captain Hasib’s frequent disconnections from the match.

This trend continued for the next two maps, where both the teams fought back and forth but eventually ended up with the same 7-5 scoreline in favor of UG. It was the small mistakes that ended up huge for MrcZ and eventually led them to the loss.

But in the end, it’s all good news for the South Asian community, as finally they have made the big stage and showed that they can compete in the International stage.

Prize pool

Union Gaming will be grabbing their share of $7,500 USD from the $15,000 total prize pool. They will also be the only team in this region to be receiving 275 SI points for the Global table and try to secure their place for the Six Invitational 2021.

The South Asian region has laid its track and will continue to grow from here. South Asia Nationals-Stage 2 should start in the near future, so keep following us for the latest updates.

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