Ultimate Team has generated a record-breaking $1.62 billion revenue for EA in 2021

This year, EA has earned a huge revenue from Ultimate team totaling a whopping $1.62 Billion. The majority of these earnings come from Fifa Ultimate Team.

Ultimate team is a unique mode in EA’s sports titles that give players the ability to form their own team. To form these teams, players have to be acquired in the form of unboxing “mystery packs”. These mystery packs are a form of a loot box and they have to be purchased with credits or real money. Because they are a form of loot boxes, there is no certainty of what players they will get from these loot boxes.

In recent times, these form of loot boxes have been termed as a sort of gambling and is under fire by the media all around the world. But so far EA has gotten away with and claims that they have not been pushing players into the system. However, from a leaked marketing document from CBC, it was found that they were actually trying to funnel players into Ultimate team.

These forms of in-game purchases have become such a huge source of EA’s income that according to a report by EA, just 26% of their revenue comes from Game Sales. All the rest is from DLCs, live service, and mostly microtransactions.

EA has earned a total of $5.7 Billion in the last 4 years and $7.7 Billion since 2015. This year they had their highest Ultimate Team revenue with $1.62 billion and the majority is coming from FIFA Ultimate Team.

This Ultimate team mode can be so addicting to avid FIFA players that one might spend hundreds of dollars trying to make their dream team. There are tons of crazy FIFA freaks out there spending a lot more than that and there was also someone who admittedly spent over $300,000 USD in the game.

The legality of these loot boxes are under discussion but one thing’s for sure. EA is definitely earning a pretty penny amidst all this.

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