Ubisoft to fully reveal Tachanka Rework live on October 7

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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(Image: Ubisoft)

Back at the Six Invitational 2020 in February, Ubisoft first unveiled the Tachanka rework for Rainbow Six Siege’s operator lineup. But with the launch of Operation Shadow Legacy, there was no word on the Tachanka rework for some time.

But now, Ubisoft finally broke the silence with a tweet, declaring the reveal date for the Tachanka rework, which will be on October 7 at 17:00 UTC.

Ubisoft is finally going to release more details on the Tachanka rework, and it most likely seems to be streamed live during the European League on Wednesday.

Tachanka Rework details

The Lord will rise again, as he will be one of the first Rainbow Six Siege Operator to receive a major overhaul. The Tachanka rework announcement back in SI 2020 was received with a huge cheer and applause by the fans. The Russian operator is considered to be one of the weakest operators in the game, as his stationary turret can easily be dealt with by the attackers.

The massive rework will see Tachanka ditching his stationary turret, with the LMG now being his primary weapon, enabling a more mobile playstyle. The official video also confirmed his new primary gadget, which will be an incendiary grenade launcher that is supposed to block off areas with fire, acting similarly like Capitao’s firebolts.

Tachanka primary LMG will have great destructibility, with the ability to tear down soft walls and hatches with ease. However, the fire rate won’t be a strong suit for this weapon to keep it balanced.

Tachanka will also be receiving an Elite Skin, which will show off his ripped body, but still will keep his iconic helmet.

A few weeks ago some hackers managed to get early access with the Tachanka new rework, which suggests that the rework game files already exist in the live build. In that clip, we say his grenade launcher titled as the “Kulakov Launcher”, and he had ’10’ of those fire grenades. But we’ll have to wait and see if that will be the correct number in his actual release.

Many players were concerned if the rework will straight go live after the reveal on October 7th without any testing. But one of the Ubisoft employees confirmed in a recent tweet that this won’t be the case.

This will be a new era for Tachanka, as he will be transforming from a meme operator into a fully viable pick for the current meta. So keep an eye out for tomorrow on Rainbow6’s Twitter, Twitch, or YouTube channel.

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