Ubisoft shares their plan to redesign Sound and deal with Cheaters in the future

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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(Credit: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege has many issues currently running in the game, and the devs already acknowledged many of them in the past.

Just now in an updated Rainbow Six Top Issues blog, the devs shared their future plan on how they are trying to deal with various on-going issues that are plaguing the game.


Previously in Ubisoft’s Status Report blog, the devs stated that they are aware of the various sound issues, but fixing the complex and dynamic sound system in Siege wasn’t that easy. So the devs will begin solving this problem by “repackaging the way sounds are stored and connected to the game.”

“We currently have a limited ability to fix specific issues and this improvement should make it easier for us to work on the audio aspect of the game,” stated the devs.

Status: Target: Y5S3


Ubisoft currently hosts Rainbow Six Siege online matches on Microsoft Azure platform. So to effectively report and identify cheaters, Ubisoft will be working in close collaboration with all their partners.

We are also working on other options to continue improving the situation on that front, we’ll share a detailed overview on the topic very soon.

“Additional context and explanations will be added to the in-game reporting panel. In an effort to effectively address the situation, having more accurate player reports will facilitate information gathering on our end.”

Status: Target: Y5S2.2

Quality of life updates

The devs also shared some quality of life updates that are coming very soon, such as setting different sensitivities on the 1x and the 2.5x ACOG scope. They will also be improving the vault detection code to make the action easier to perform and to be more reliable.

Status: Target: Y5S3

The devs will also be improving flash detection to make it more reliable, by implementing light ricochet with the environment, to guarantee the effectiveness of flashbangs & other similar gadgets.

Status: Target: Y5S4

The new match cancellation feature, along with improved defuser plant detection, notification system is also coming in future updates. For more information visit here.

So far the future of Siege looks very bright. As the community grows bigger, the devs are making sure they can retain the player-base as much as possible with improved communication with the Siege community.

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