Ubisoft shares the first look of the new ‘Stadium’ map for the upcoming SI Event

With Rainbow Six Invitational 2021 being on the horizon, Ubisoft is prepping to bring back the much-anticipated Stadium map for the upcoming limited-time SI event.

The Stadium map was first introduced with the Road To S.I. 2020 event, where players got to experience the unique architecture of this map. The Stadium featured see-through bulletproof panels, less visual clutters in rooms, and the entire map was a mixture of elements from old Oregon and the Hereford Base map.

Ubisoft has now shared the first look at this year’s map for the SI event on their website. They will be using the same formula and bring back the Stadium map; however, this time, it’ll be a combination of Coastline and the Border map.

(Image collected from Ubisoft)

From these first few images, we can clearly see the rooms that have been picked up from the Coastline map and given a new look, which includes Penthouse, VIP, and the 1st floor Kitchen. Border’s Archive room can also be recognized even with the unique art-style of the Stadium map.

In the Operation Neon Dawn official trailer, we got to see Harry forming the different color-coded teams for the SI event. This limited-time mode will most probably have the same game rules as ranked, and last until the end of Six Invitational 2021.

Although we still didn’t get a confirmed date, Ubisoft stated back in 2020 that Six Invitational will be taking place in Europe, and sometime in February 2021.

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