Ubisoft plans to keep the new Yellow-Ping system in the competitive scene of Rainbow Six Siege

With Operation Shadow Legacy, Ubisoft introduced a lot of new changes to the game, which includes Sam Fisher as a new Attacker, new Chalet rework, and more. But many important core gameplay changes were also made in this new season, which will now surely affect how the game is played competitively.

In a new blog post, Ubisoft shared their general philosophy of how they want Rainbow Six esports to continue. They also shared their thinking of how the new core gameplay changes will affect the competitive play of this game.

As they move ahead in the future, the devs rely on Rainbow Six Siege to have one single identity for all levels of play. “The core gameplay you experience online with your friends in a casual environment should be the same as the one you experience when you want to try a bit harder in ranked, which should be the same as the one you watch your favorite pro players play every week in competitions”, stated Ubisoft.



“With the release of the Ping System 2.0 we are introducing more than the ability to mark gadgets around the map. For the first time in Siege, players will be able to use the yellow ping when controlling drones and cameras, something that so far, was only available to players when controlling their actual operator.”

Ubisoft wanted to bring this feature for a long time and believes that this “it will only supplement quality calls from players and the use of red pings, but not replace them, elevating everyone’s gameplay.”

However, the Rainbow Six Siege community doesn’t seem to agree with Ubisoft on this decision. Although being able to ping gadgets and cams is a welcome change, the free yellow-ping is being considered to lower the skill gap as it requires minimal communication and has no counter-play to it. Therefore, many renowned Pro players, casters, and content creators have been voicing in to remove this yellow-ping system from competitive play.

Maybe the devs will add an option for custom games to disable this feature in the future. But right now, this system is staying as Ubisoft takes in more user feedback from the community.

Some more core gameplay changes include the new common reinforcement pool and the secondary hard-breaching tool. Both of these changes are appreciated by the community and the devs are also confident these changes is only going to be beneficial for the competitive teams.

Ubisoft also confirmed that more core gameplay changes will be coming in future seasons, as they are committed to improving the Siege experience for all players.


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