Ubisoft launches new ‘Siege Champions’ program for the R6S community

Ubisoft announced its new “Siege Champions” program yesterday, which aims to bring together the community leaders and support their passion for the game.

Without a doubt, the Siege community has played a huge role in the success of Rainbow Six Siege over the years. And to celebrate this success and help bridge the connection between the community leaders, Ubisoft has created the new “Siege Champions”.

Siege Champions program

“The Siege Champions Program is a Community Leaders Program,” Ubisoft stated on their website. The program is ‘invite-only’ for now but is available to leaders from all around the world.

The Siege Champions Program is made up of three different clusters of Community Leaders –

  • Content Creators: Streamers and videographers, we’ll give you information on what’s coming up in the game to help you produce your community content.
  • Fan Artists & Cosplayers: Fan artists and cosplayers, we’ll share guides and art assets with you so you can focus on channeling your passion and sharing your creations with the community.
  • Community Builders: Community-centered platform admins, we’ll share information and assets with you to help you animate your community channels.

However, the members must be over 18 years old, and must not break the Code of Conduct. This means members of this program must have a Ubisoft account that has never been banned either temporary or permanently at any time.

The regional Ubisoft offices will be selecting the members for Siege Champions. Although some creators might still get frustrated by the selection process, it truly seems like a great initiative taken by Ubisoft. And Ubisoft says they are “always on the lookout for new people to invite who are passionate about Rainbow Six Siege and its community!”