Ubisoft is Working On A Online Service Named Assassins Creed Infinity

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By Md Obyead
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Credit- Ubisoft

A new online service from Ubisoft could be the future for the Assassins Creed Series.

Ubisoft seems to be thinking about making their Assassins Creed online service called Assassins Creed Infinity. Furthermore, Ubisoft is reportedly making a service that involves an online game like GTA Online and Fortnite. They released that it is still far away from being released but they are working on it.

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Assassins Creed Infinity would contain multiple settings across the Assassins Creed universe. Almost every year, we have got a new Assassins Creed game, and we have been craving for an online mode. Now that Ubisoft has finally decided to make one, it could be huge.

The idea of Assassins Creed Inifinity seems interesting as they are looking to create a universe. The setting appears to involve players being in different timelines and locations. Ubisoft has been keen to make an online service for the Assassins Creed series available for years now. They did try it with Valhalla, Origins and Odyssey giving constant updates and more content.

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They are doing this so that they don’t have to make a new game every time they create something new. However, Ubisoft is aiming at a friendly approach to make something similar to Fortnite and GTA Online. The game due in 2024-2025, and this could be exciting for fans playing the series since day one.

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