Ubisoft games reportedly coming to Xbox Game Pass by the end of 2021

Rumors circulating that a lot of Ubisoft games are coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass currently stands tall in the race of best value offered in exchange for money. Game Pass’s influence on Microsoft has undeniably been a game-changer. Since its release on PC and Xbox, it holds more than 18 million users. The subscription now also has EA access games combining with its enormous game library. Furthermore, a recent rumor stoked by Xbox insiders might further increase the domination of the subscription.

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As we dive into the rumor, Ubisoft currently offers a subscription of its own. It is similar to what EA was giving earlier on Xbox with EA access. However, all EA access games are playable if you now own Xbox Game Pass. Comprehending how EA chose to come to Game Pass, Ubisoft might be willing to do the same.

Ubisoft games on Game Pass
credit- Altchar

This rumor got fueled due to a discord chat with Shpehsal Ed. The screenshot of the chat shows Ed confirming Ubisoft titles coming to Xbox Game Pass. Although it sounds ambitious, not all Ubisoft games will come to Xbox Game Pass according to the rumors.

Furthermore, he also mentioned that the price of the subscription with Ubisoft games included might not change. Although, they may choose to present separate services that consist of EA play and Ubisoft+ individually.

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All of this is still just speculation, and we have to take it with a grain of salt. The idea of getting more games included in your Xbox Game Pass library seems overwhelming, and we are hoping Microsoft to not disappoint us.

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