Ubisoft Explains Balancing Changes in Y5S1.2 DESIGNER’S NOTES

Rainbow Six Siege’s recent Test Server changes have raised a lot of questions from the Siege community. So, Ubisoft decided to explain some of these questions in the Y5S1.2 Designer’s Notes and promised to improve their communication around balancing changes in the future.

In addition, Ubisoft has also released Siege’s operators pick rate and win deltas for Y5S1, which helped them to tweak the operators as necessary. The Siege devs also cleared up the reasoning behind these recent changes and explained that they do listen to Pro Player’s feedback.

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Jäger has seen a substantial change in the latest Test Server where the Operator was changed to a 2-speed operator. This is coming after the recent nerf in Year 5, where his weapon damage was decreased.

“We started to explore how much we could tweak the German gunner to try and get him a bit closer to other Operators. Jäger was amongst the most mobile defenders and could rely one of the most praised weapons in the game on top of an incredibly useful utility. Our drive is to develop and improve core mechanics of our Operators.”


  • Added smoke grenade and Removed Claymore
  • Increased T-95 LSW damage to 46 (up from 43).
  • Added one Candela (4 Candelas in total)

Ying’s data showed a low presence and win delta, so the devs decided to give her smoke grenades and an extra candela. This “should strengthen her performance and give her more option when pushing towards the objective” the devs explained.


In the latest test server, Buck’s frag grenades have been replaced with claymores. This has been compensated by increasing Skeleton Key’s magazine capacity (from 5 to 6) and the total amount of rounds (from 21 to 26).

“Buck was viewed by many as a very balanced Operator. He could rely as well on frag grenades that are extremely strong in the current meta. Sledge, who can be used in similar situations, cannot breach ceilings or upper walls, however.”

“By removing his frags and giving more gadget ammunition, we expect players to have to operate a choice between an excellent downward attacker and a versatile soft breacher.”


The Australian operator had his trusty Super Shorty shotgun removed from his loadout. The devs described Mozzie being “currently one of the most versatile Operator on defence“.

“By removing the Super Shorty from his loadout, we aim at not only removing Mozzie’s ability to remodel bombsites, but also to address his capacity to create escape routes on the fly while roaming.”


Goyo had one of his Volcàn Shield (3 to 2) removed from his arsenal, despite having a low presence and win delta in ranked.
This change comes to mitigate the current Pro League META, which is very utility heavy.

“We hope that it will alleviate some of the frustration stemming from his increased influence at a professional level.”


The slug shotgun has been significantly nerfed in the test server. The weapon damage has been reduced to 55 from 84; however, its total ammunition has been increased to 61 (from 51) to compensate the change.

Ubisoft believed the weapon was extremely powerful, so “to even the odds during duels” they had to nerf it.

“After this change, two shots will put any 1 and 2 armour Operators in a DBNO state and 3 armour Operators will require 3 shots to get in the same status.”

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